In the field of Humanitarian service, Jain Eye project was launched in January, 2010, (on the successful completion of chaturmas of Acharya Pravar Shri Parshvachandraji m. s. and Dr. Shri Padamchandraji m.s.) in order to help those people in rural areas who cannot afford to do their cataract operations or routine eye check up.
Through this project, A eye check up and surgery camp is conducted every month in rural areas, in which the team of doctors check the patients and then the needy person are given free spectacles & medicines by the volunteers. The patients recommended for cataract operation are then taken to Bhagwan Mahaveer Dharshan Eye hospital, Mysore and the whole expenses of operation is given by the trust and the operated patients are also given free spectates, medicines, free food, accommodation and transportation charges.

List of free eye checkup camps and people benefited

DatePlace of CampEye OperationSpectacleMedicineTotal
25/01/2010Hampapura, H.D.Kote(TQ)18353285
19/02/2010Mandya city20382583
21/03/2010Mullur, H.D.Kote (TQ)365064150
25/04/2010Devalapura, H.D.Kote (TQ)245036110
30/05/2010Songana Halli24141654
13/06/2010H.P.S Mirle Dodda Hejjur31302485
23/07/2010Chandra H.P.S8202856
29/07/2010Yeramballi Chamarajnagar Taluk1310225
05/08/2010Gaddige (jointly with Lions)17182055
11/08/2010Angala 25252575
16/09/2010Malavalli General Hospital25252575
21/09/2010Maduvinakode, K.R.Pete20153065
18/10/2010General Hospital , Chamarajnagara25253080
20/10/2010General Hospital , Nagamangala383535108
15/11/2010B.Vadi Purigali26254091
08/12/2010Meluru, K.R.Nagar (TQ)25202065
13/12/2010Doddahalli & Sarguru, H.D Kote (TQ)35153080
10/01/2011Govt.Hospital H.D.Kote20102050
18/01/2011Govt.Hospital Chamarajnagara25151555
18/02/2011Govt.Hospital Chamarajnagara20252065
21/02/2011Begure & Gundlupet19212060
14/03/2011K. Belaturu PHC, H.D.Kote(TQ)35202075
30/03/2011Gen. Hospital Maddur (TQ)21243075
11/04/2011General Hospital H.D.Kote20202060
29/04/2011Kuppaya Primary Health center , T.N.Pura(TQ)22152865
19/05/2011General Hospital Chamarajnagara21202061
28/05/2011P.H.C Honnagere/ Kottapura Maddur (TQ)475050147
18/06/2011General Hospital Chamarajnagara15201045
24/06/2011Sosale, T.N.Pura (TQ)15251555
26/06/2011P.H.C Hnagudu & Dodda Hejuru20202060
28/06/2011Kuppaya Primary Health center , T.N.Pura (TQ)24251564
15/07/2011p.H.C Mirle & Gandhanahalli, K.R.Nagar (TQ)18202058
20/07/2011P.H.C Horalahalli & Dodda Bagilu, T.N.Pura (TQ)15152555
28/07/2011P.H.C Hosuru, K.R.Nagara (TQ)26201460
18/08/2011General Hospital Chamarajnagar12101032
23/08/2011P.H.C Kundar & Dottagalli, Malavadi (TQ)15201045
26/08/2011P.H.C Makagalli & Chandraya ,Mandya Dist15151242
05/09/2011Private bus stand, T.N.Narsipura Town22202062
12/09/2011PHC Hampapura10182553
23/09/2011PHc Dodda Arasinakere Maddur (TQ)15212864
10/10/2011GH Malavalli TQ15202762
14/10/2011PHC Koppa & Benajanahalli, Maddur TQ20202565
21/10/2011A.Vadi Tottavadi T.N15201550
12/11/2011N.N.Home Mandya22141450
14/11/2011PHC Saraguru & Daddahalli, H.D.Kote Tq17252567
05/12/2011G.H. T.N.Pura Vatalu & Mugguru T.N.Pura (TQ)24252574
12/12/2011PHC Koppa Maddur (TQ)23252573
20/12/2011G.H.Gundlupete & Thoppuru26202066
20/01/2012PHC Bannikuppe, Hunsur (TQ)14102044
25/01/2012PHC Kunduru & Belakavadi, Malavalli (TQ)25202065
11/02/2012N.N.Home Mandya27253082
13/02/2012PHC Saraguru & Daddahalli, H.D.Kote (TQ)23202568
27/02/2012CHC Thalakadu & Kaveripura T.N.Pura (TQ)13203063
13/03/2012HPS Bogapura C.H.Nagar (TQ)11252056
09/05/2012G.H.Malavalli & PHC Piligalli Malavalli( TQ)20253075
18/05/2012PHC Kottipura Maddur16182559
26/06/2012PHC Belakavadi & Kunduru, Malavalli (TQ)26151657
09/07/2012G.H Malavalli12201042
19/07/2012PH Sarangi & PHS Santhebachalli ,K.R.Pete (TQ)20201555
23/07/2012Alaguru PHS, Malavalli (TQ)15151545
21/08/2012PHC Arave, Kollegala (TQ)10101535
22/08/2012PHC Thippuru, K.R. Nagara (TQ)6202046
24/08/2012G.H Hospital, T.N. Pura (TQ)16303076
05/09/2012PHC Bandahalli Kollegala (TQ)11151541
10/09/2012PHC Saaligrama & Munduru, K.R.Nagara (TQ)21252571
12/10/2012N.N.Home Mandya10101838
10/12/2012PHC Saaligrama & Ganadanahalli, K.R.Nagara (TQ)30202070
14/12/2012PHC Saraguru &Thumbsoge, H.D.Kote (TQ)17252567
23/01/2013HPS Majjigepura, S.R.Patna (TQ)20202060
31/01/2013PHC Hosuru & PHC Malahalli K.R.Nagara (TQ)16202056
11/02/2013PHC Saaligrama & Mirle, K.R.Nagara (TQ)31202071
15/02/2013PHC Koppa, Madduru (TQ)5202045
18/04/2013PHC Malahalli & PHC Hosuru & PHC Hebbal, K.R.Nagara (TQ)55202095
22/05/2013PHC Gowdegere & PHC Mulluru, Hunsuru (TQ)26151556
04/06/2013HPS Yeregowdanahalli8101028
14/06/2013PHC Hebbala, Mallali & PHC Hosuru, K.R.Nagara(TQ)31101455
26/06/2013PHC Narayanapura & HPS Sanaba9101736
03/07/2013Samudaya Arogya Kendra Beguru, Gundlupet (TQ)5101530
10/07/2013PHC Mirle, PHC Gandanahalli & Samudaya Arogya Kendra27181257
18/07/2013PHC Hosakote, PHC Hanasoge & PHC Hosuru K.R.Nagara (TQ)20101646
19/08/2013PHC Banniguppe & Tenkanakoppalu Hunsur(TQ)11132044
23/08/2013HPs Belthuru, H.D.Kote (TQ)9151438
27/08/2013G.H T.N.Pura,(TQ)18101341
04/09/2013Milk Dairy Jannuru, C.H.Nagara (TQ)15102045
19/09/2013PHC Hosuru & PHCHanasoge K.R.Nagara (TQ)791026
25/09/2013GH Hunsuru & Hosadurgate, Hunsur14111641
15/10/2013Sak Bannuru, T.N.Pura10102040
21/10/2013PHC Haradanahalli & Saaligrama, K.R.Nagara (TQ)1591034
25/10/2013PHC Mulluru, Avadi Hosmaranahalli, Hunsur19162156
11/11/2013PHC Saligrama Munduru K.R.Nagara (TQ)710825
19/11/2013Samudaya Arogya Kendra Bannuru T.N.Pura (TQ)11101435
25/11/2013GH Hunsuru A Vadi Kendra15162657
10/12/2013PHC Saligrama PHC Gandanahalli, K.R.Nagara (TQ)17101643
20/12/2013A.Vadi Hebbal Gate, Hunsur9171238
27/12/2013PHC Huskuru, Malavalli13101336
08/01/2014GH Malavalli & AUK Pandithahalli, Amalvalli14123157
20/01/2014GH Hunsur & UPK Kudluru, Hunsur10171340
24/01/2014A Vadi Hegganduru & A Vadi Kiranguru Hunsur9141235
10/02/2014Samudaya Arogya Kendra Saligrama PHC Mirle, L.R.Nagara (TQ) 34192477
12/02/2014G H Hunsur, Hunsur (TQ)13161443
18/02/2014Neralakuppe Kademaganahalli ,Hunsur7191642
14/03/2014MPCS Mudanakudu C.h.Nagara24243179
18/03/2014PHC Chottanahalli, Malavalli (TQ)10181644
21/03/2014T H Malavalli & PHC Purigalli, Malavalli1191838
10/04/2014Saligrama & PHC Mirle & Gandanahalli20161147
14/04/2014T H Malavalli & PHC Belakavadi1417940
21/04/2014G H Hunsuru & UPK Kudluru21151955
09/05/2014SAK Bannuru15162152
14/05/2014T H Malavalli & PHC Purigalli17111240
23/05/2014PHC Alenahalli & AH Mandagere18191653
10/06/2014SAK Saligrama PHC Gandanahalli & Munduru19181653
13/06/2014T H Malavalli & PHC Ragibommanahalli20252267
27/06/2014T H Malavalli & UPK Vadarahalli32322993
09/07/2014T H Malavalli , Malavalli (TQ)24131956
21/07/2014UPK Kottegala, H.D.Kote (TQ)21161754
25/07/2014MPCS Mudanakudu C.h.Nagara (TQ)22102052
10/09/2014SAK Saligrama , K.R.Nagara (TQ)85720
17/09/2014A Vadi Hundavadi, Hunsur (TQ)1291031
18/09/2014HPS Bandanahalli, Kollegala (TQ)26212370
08/08/2014MPCS Amachavadi, C.H. Nagara (TQ)1791541
10/08/2014MPCS Hura, Nanjangudu (TQ)17111543
17/08/2014MPCS Kannuru, Kollegala (TQ)8161539
13/10/2014PHC Hebbalaguppe & UPK Jakkahalli H.D.Kote (TQ)1551030
14/10/2014PHC Thippuru & A Vadi Kaggere K.R. Nagara (TQ)2091140
17/10/2014PHC Gowdegere & PHC Mulluru, Hunsuru (TQ)2871045
10/11/2014PHC Rathnapuri & A Vadi Hundimala Hunsur (TQ)3191151
18/11/2014PHC Kattemalavadi Hunsur (TQ)27191561
19/11/2014HPS Ambigarahallli K.R.pete (TQ)2971349
10/12/2014Saligrama , K.R.Nagara (TQ)19121647
16/12/2014Kademaganahallu, Hunsur (TQ)1591034
18/12/2014PHC Doddahalli & Doddakadanuru , Holenarasipura (TQ)19181956


Any person can contribute Rs:11000/- for one such eye camp and Rs:500/- for one eye operation and be a part of this project eyesight for needy persons.